Ruthsatz – Rutsatz – Genealogy

Ruthsatz – Rutsatz – Genealogy

Familienforschung Ruthsatz Rutsatz

For many years, we have been engaged in family research around the name Ruthsatz and its various spellings. In this long time, an extensive collection of persons has been created.

Many different families and also individuals. But so much is still open, many questions are unanswered. Especially the emigrations are often unclear. So there is still much to be researched.

The most common variant of the name is „Ruthsatz“ and then comes „Rutsatz“. Whether the h came first or not is unfortunately not clear. However, it happens very often that a certain person was spelled sometimes with h and sometimes without h in the course of the years.


Familienforschung Ruthsatz Rutsatz

We have also had the variant Rudsatz or Rutzatz. This is very rare. Mostly one of these spellings appears abroad. We suspect that it was done on purpose or that it was a mistake when the papers were issued in the new home country.

Well-known names of emigrants are

Ernst Gustav Wilhelm Ruthsatz – 1885 to Australia

Ernst Johan Friedrich Ruthsatz – 1895 to the USA

Karl Ludwig Friedrich Rutsatz – 1890 to the USA

Heinrich August Ruthsatz – 1885 to the USA

Hellmuth Carl August Ruthsatz – 1893 to the USA

Julius Friedrich Carl Ruthsatz – nach 1886 to the USA

Michael Friedrich Amandus Ruthsatz – 1890 to the USA

Johann Daniel Wilhelm Rutsatz – between 1860 – 1863 to Brazil

The Ruthsatzs probably came from Pomerania. Our research currently goes back to the year 1780. And there in Pomerania is also the largest collection. The current original Ruthsatz are Friedrich Rutsatz / Korth, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Ruthsatz / Kunde, Christoph Rutsatz / Loose, Gottfried Rutsatz / Stray, Johann Rutsatz / Kocklin, Daniel Friedrich Ruthsatz or Daniel Christoph Rutsatz / Wachholz.


Familienforschung Ruthsatz Rutsatz

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Familienforschung Ruthsatz Rutsatz